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We export our products to +20 countries. At MS|Lab we manufacture in Spain with all EU guarantees.

Our laboratory

Send us your idea, we will take care of the rest!

Our aim is that our client does not have to worry about anything. We provide a full service option from formulation to packaging and legal issues! We are flexible & we consider always our client strategy, brand image, timeline and economic constraints

Full-service options

We distinguish ourselves by the highest quality

We manufacture cosmetics from 1,000 units. always using the best raw materials and the most effective manufacturing technology. Our manufacturing unit strictly respect our clients’ specifications!

How do we work

We manufacture all kinds of perfumery products

We offer full-service fragrance development, from concept ideation through compounding and production. We have both professional perfumers and product development experts on our team, creating original scents for your brand and products.

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Type of product we offer

We develop all kinds of private label fragrances and select perfumery products: perfumes, eau de cologne, colognes, fragrances for beds, hair and body perfumes … Our highly qualified staff is able to develop fully customized aromas!

Perfumes & fragrances

We develop all kinds of cosmetic products for facial care: moisturizers, serums, anti aging creams, etc.

Facial products

We develop and manufacture all kinds of cosmetic products for men, from the most traditional to the latest developments in the cosmetic market: shaving creams and mousse, beard oils, beard shampoo, pomades and waxes, all kinds of lotions, etc.

Men’s grooming products

We manufacture all kinds of products for the complete hair care: shampoos, conditioners, oils, etc.

Hair care products

Massage oils, body creams … At MS|Lab we are specialists in developing formulas for all types of body care products.

Body products

We offer the possibility of obtaining certifications for natural/organics cosmetics. We develop products based on components from the nature (animal, vegetable or mineral origin).

Organic cosmetics

Cosmetics laboratory MS Líneas

Rda.Boada Vell 7, nave 7

08184, Palau Solita i Plegamans (Barcelona)

+34 93 864 06 13

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