(Español) Algas en los cosméticos

Algae are an indispensable source for the development of aquatic life, they are the organisms in charge of photosynthesis that supplies oxygen for the survival of other beings in aquatic environments.

There are around 25,000 species of which only 20 of them are used for the formulation of aesthetic treatments.

Its benefits are so extensive that we have incorporated them into our terrestrial life giving it different uses such as food, especially in eastern countries, agriculture, they serve as fertilizer to strengthen and stimulate the cultivation, drug, in some countries thanks to its gelling, antioxidant and antitumor.

But today we come to talk about its use in the manufacture of cosmetics. The benefits of algae in cosmetics are:

• Purifying

• Moisturizing

• Nutritious

• Invigorating

• Anti-aging

• Sebum regulators

But they can also have another use for cosmetic laboratories:

• In the texturing of the final result sought in the products

• For masks or wraps thanks to its gelling properties

• Increase viscosity

• Formation of a solid gel

At MS Lines Propias SL, third party cosmetic manufacturers, we are specialized in formulating cosmetic products with any of these principles available in algae, adapting to customer needs, making unique and personalized formulas.

Its classification in the formulation of cosmetics is:

Green algae:

Its content in minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus provides anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to an emollient and moisturizing action.

Brown algae:

Its iodine and zinc content has sebum-regulating action. Vitamin C and florotannins are used as antioxidants.

Red algae:

Rich in iodine, magnesium and silicon, it is used in moisturizers and also in soothing products. It contains minerals, essential amino acids, which makes it suitable for a hydrating and rebalancing action. In products for cellulite and tired legs due to its vasodilator action.

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Today we will talk in our blog about what bakuchiol is and the benefits it brings to our skin. The ideal plant alternative to retinoids for the formulation and manufacture of cosmetics for retinoids, the novel ingredient that managed to open a niche in the cosmetics sector.

Let’s know what retinoids are and their benefits

Retinoids are ingredients used when creating cosmetics, derived from the vitamin A molecule, which cause very beneficial effects on our skin such as: containment of skin aging, cell renewal, unification of tone and achieve greater luminosity.


Of natural origin, from the seed of the babchi plant or psoralea corylifolia, it shows to have similar effects to retinoids with the improvement that it has a superior skin tolerance, it is for these reasons that its formulation is being extended in the formulation of the range of products within cosmetic factories.

A wide variety of studies show effects very similar to those of retinol, avoiding skin irritation that retinol-based products can produce. Its benefits are:

  • Antioxidant action that fights different signs of photoaging
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles providing an anti-aging effect
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and inhibits its degradation, thus improving the firmness of the skin
  • Reduces skin blemishes, leaving the tone of the face unified Improves blemishes and prevents acne

At MS Lineas Propias S.L, third-party cosmetic manufacturers, we are specialized in formulating to offer our clients any cosmetic product with Bakuchiol, productions from 1,000 units.

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Slow Beauty

We live in an era where we encounter: mass productions, junk foods, trending fashions, fast-paced news, stress at work, constant notifications on smartphones… and much more! It seems that we have caught a pace too high to be able to stop to take a break and appreciate life.

We are ignoring the signs and we have been forced to follow this rhythm because that is how most move, wanting to get out of this lifestyle is almost like rowing against the current.

It is precisely at this moment where the term slow beauty was born in the cosmetics sector, to try to break with all the unbridled rhythms created so far.

This movement is about obtaining personal care with routines in which we enjoy more, without haste, with the use of natural cosmetics and without ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

What is Slow Beauty?

Slow Beauty


It is a philosophy with which to face your personal care routine, which invites us to opt for the route of cosmetic products natural, cruelty-free, moving away from mass productions and respectful with the environment. A routine with fewer products, but higher quality for us and our planet.

At Ms Línea Propias SL, a cosmetics laboratory, we have incorporated this new attitude into our company, being able to offer personalized cosmetic products to third parties adapted to Slow Beauty, in a personalized way, and our client can choose the formula that best suits their needs.

Manufacturers of cosmetics from 1,000 units.

We can offer:

  1. Natural ingredients such as: vegetable extracts of plants and fruits, vegetable oils …

They will be able to facilitate the contribution of the necessary nutrients from a natural and vegetable origin.

  1. Relaxing products:

Nothing better than relaxation as a procedure to enjoy our surroundings.

You can choose ingredients such as: essential oils, heating agents …

Which can be used in aromatherapy to produce a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Also hot and cold agents to awaken sensations on the skin during the application process.

  1. Respectful with the environment:

If we want to find the way to a less disconcerting future than the one that awaits right now, we have to take care of the environment.

We look for ingredients that certify that care for the environment is taken during the manufacturing process.

If you are interested in creating your own brand of products or want to bring your cosmetic production with us, you can contact us through: info@mslinea.com

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Who doesn’t want their curls to look natural, healthy, and bouncy?

Well, today we bring you the method that has revolutionized the cosmetic sector, which little by little has been gaining followers and which meets all the requirements specified by the community.

It all started when Lorraine Massey detailed in her book Curly Girl The Handbook a new method on how to obtain defined and healthy curls naturally, the dream of anyone with such hair.



This method has been gaining strength in recent years to create a large community of people who follow and advise it, obtaining almost miraculous results.

In MS Línea Propias SL, cosmetics to third parties, we will present everything about the Curly Girl Method, how to learn how to use it as a guide and the benefits it brings.

Cosmetic manufacturers trained to offer any of the types of products that we will see below between 3 – 4 weeks, 100% personalized and from 1,000 units.

If you are interested in creating your own cosmetic brand, with a wide variety of natural products, please contact us at: comunicacion@mslinea.com





Before starting

Before applying this method, we must clean the hair with a purifying shampoo, which in this case may contain sulfate, to remove all remaining residues, such as silicone, in our hair. This should be applied during the first week, once this process is finished we will put aside all cosmetic products with sulfate.

Results may take about 3 to 4 weeks to appear, depending on the person and the desired end result.



We start by replacing all shampoos with those whose formulation does not contain sulfates or silicones. This step is of vital importance since if we cannot remove the shampoos with these conditions, we will never achieve the result we want and the steps that we will show below will be of no use.

With them we will achieve a deep cleaning, respecting the scalp without removing the natural oils from the hair


Distribute all over wet hair. Gently massage after application and rinse with water.



To reinforce hydration we will use masks.

Curly hairs tend to dry more easily and are more frizzy, so good hydration is essential, with a mask we will be able to deeply hydrate, repair, detangle, control frizz and reduce dryness, leaving our curls soft, shiny, with more mobility and definition.

It is true that lately a new variant of this method, the Co-Wash, has gained a lot of strength, it is about washing the hair from time to time only with the mask, that is, without shampoo.



Apply to washed and wet hair, if possible use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to distribute evenly from roots to ends. Leave on for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the hair of each person and the result you want to obtain.


Leave in


If we want to give our curls softness without weighing it down, with a revitalized appearance, we must apply a styling cream product.




Apply after washing, previously removing moisture with a towel with gentle touches, without rubbing the hair and without rinsing completely. Air-dry hair or apply a curl enhancer, next step, depending on each person.



Curl enhancer

We reached the final step of the Curly Girl Method.

In order to give the shape of a good, strong, forceful and natural curl, a product that enhances the curls is necessary, to provide a soft fixation without leaving a sticky or heavy curl.


Apply after using the styling cream and with the hair still damp, shaping the curl with your hands, air drying or using a diffuser at a low temperature.


Drying and brushing

We advise not to treat the curls dry and to do it when they are wet. Shape with your hands or with a wide tooth comb.

What works best for drying is in the open air, but if it is necessary to use the diffuser at a very low temperature.

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Manuka Honey

In most homes we have a jar of honey that we use for gastronomic purposes because of its flavor and its beneficial properties in our body.

There are different types of honey: chestnut, acacia, linden, floral, etc. But without a doubt the one that brings the greatest benefit to our body is manuka honey, known as “liquid gold” due to its high price in some countries, it is a superfood, we talked about it in a previous post, which stands out for its antibacterial and healing.

Thanks to its properties, cosmetic factories have begun to use it for the manufacture of cosmetic products and it is gaining more and more importance within the sector.



What is it that makes it better than the others?

It has nutritional, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties of the skin.

In its composition it stands out:

  • Methylglyoxal, a powerful antimicrobial agent that helps control acne-prone skin.
  • Sugars that act as natural moisturizers and help to blur wrinkles, delaying premature skin aging.
  • Amino acids that help regenerate the skin, reduce inflammation of irritated skin and improve acne blemishes.
  • Glycolic acid, which improves epidermal cell renewal.
  • Moisturizing, both on skin and hair.

Manuka honey is obtained from the nectar of trees of the Leptospermum Scoparium species, which are endemic to New Zealand and southeastern Australia.

When we talk about natural cosmetics, this ingredient must be taken into account, that is why at MS Lineas SL, as international cosmetic manufacturers, we produce customized and personalized cosmetic products with manuka honey.

If you are interested in creating this type of product, contact us: comunicacion@mslinea.com
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Cannabis cosmetics

Cannabis cosmetics


Cannabis is already a very strong ingredient in natural cosmetic products, it is present in: shampoos, serums, oils, makeup, etc.

At first glance, almost all of us think the same. What about psychotropic effects?



Well, don’t worry because if the plant has more than 0.2% THC (the substance that provides the psychotropic effects) we will be talking about cannabis or marijuana, but if it has less than 0.2%, it is called hemp. The latter is a genetic variety different from marijuana, without psychoactive effects and also having nutritional and medicinal properties that are very beneficial for our skin or hair.


But … What is so interesting to cosmetic manufacturers?

Cannabidiol (CBD)



Cannabidiol is a molecule that is obtained from the leaves of hemp. This can be used in its crystalline and chemically pure form or it can be mixed with the oil that is extracted from the seeds of the same plant or with coconut or olive oil to dilute it.

Once we have the ideal mixture, the formulation of products begins in our cosmetic laboratory.


Properties in our body



Its high proportion of fatty acids: omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, achieves optimal hydration and softness for our skins.


Abundance in vitamin E and phenolic acid, suitable to fight free radicals that affect our skin.

Pain relieving

One of the greatest properties of CBD is its anti-inflammatory activity, which reduces and attenuates the irritative and inflammatory processes of the skin.


Its relaxing properties are reflected thanks to the fact that it acts directly on the receptors of the central nervous system, reducing anxiety and improving mood.

Your skin type doesn’t matter

Other qualities strengthen the skin barrier, for dry and dehydrated skin, due to its calming and relaxing effect, it also works well for sensitive skin, as it helps to improve inflammatory processes.


At MS Laboratorio we are one of the cosmetic factories committed to offering THC-free cosmetic products. To satisfy this requirement, we use the crystalline and pure form of CBD, which we can combine with hemp oil or any other oil, creating our own brand for each client in a personalized, safe and unique way. If you are interested in this type of product and its formulation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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For some time now, the great boom in Korean cosmetics has spread around the world with more and more admirers and it is very normal, it only takes a quick look at the skin of Korean women to realize how extremely careful and perfect they have it.

They have to have some trick and for a long time it has been a term quite present in social networks, today from MS Laboratory we will present you the routine that must be followed with cosmetic products to achieve a skin like Korean.

It consists of 10 steps, creating layers, applying one product over another, starting with the lightest. We know that at first this great multitude of steps can be scary, but the results are incredible, it must also be said that the routine has to be adapted to your skin and the moments, and some steps can be avoided.


  1.  Oil-based cleaner

Removes greasy residues from the skin: makeup, sun cream, pollution, etc.

  1. Water-based cleaner

Finish removing the deepest dirt from your pores.

  1. Exfoliation

Eliminates dead cells, Korean scrubs are less aggressive than western ones and these can be used daily both day and night, the others with 1 time a week is enough and preferably at night, since these types of Cosmetic products tend to irritate the skin a lot and it is better not to expose it to the sun.

  1. Tonic

Maintains pH, deepens cleansing, and prevents blemishes.

  1. Essence

Moisturizes, increases elasticity and firms the skin. One of the most important steps for Korean women is rapid absorption.

  1. Serum

Treats skin blemishes: signs of age, blemishes, dehydration, acne, etc. Thanks to its active principles.

  1. Mask

It hydrates in a more effective way, by taking the shape of the face and not letting its nutrients evaporate, it also prevents wrinkles and soothes.

  1. Eye contour

Moisturizes the most delicate and fine skin, the one around your eyes, and offers elasticity to prevent aging, reduces dark circles, bags, etc.

  1. Moisturizing

It seals the humidity of the products that were previously applied, for that reason it is the penultimate step.

  1. Sunscreen

Protects the skin from the sun and its negative effects such as wrinkles, spots, irritation, etc. This step is vital for any routine and can be used throughout the day.


All these steps can be separated between morning and night, it depends on the products and the person, instead of all in the same period of the day.

At MS Laboratorio, private label cosmetic manufacturers, we have facilities that are capable of making any of these cosmetic products in a customizable and tailored way for each client, we work from 1,000 units.

Take a look at our cosmetic lab for a deeper insight into our cosmetic manufacturing process.

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We are all aware the benefits of a good diet for our bodies. More and more people are paying special attention to food and how it affects us.

This is where the term Superfoods in cosmetics comes in.

Superfoods are energy-producing foods that contain large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals.

This new name refers to the combination of food and personal care, where the active ingredients of the nutrients are extracted and used to the maximum possible advantage in order to obtain a greater benefit in cosmetic products.

What are superfoods for?

When we talk about a healthy diet, it is very complex that it is 100% adapted to our organism for several reasons: we are not nutritional specialists, we do not respond adequately to the changes that we may suffer, the effects of external agents, ageing, etc.

To optimise this performance we need to combine it with natural cosmetics that give us that extra that we really need at key moments.

In MS Laboratorio we work every day to be able to offer cosmetic products adapted to the new needs of our clients, we manufacture cosmetics for third parties and can be oriented to the benefits that some foods provide in personal care.

Some of the superfoods we are currently working with are: kale, chia, cucumber, melon, watermelon, lemon, orange, goji, açai, honey, turmeric, ginger, grapefruit, mango, pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc.

The benefits of some of these products are:

  • Kale: rich in antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin C and K, calcium and iron.
  • Honey: reduces metabolic stress, restores the sleep cycle, regulates the digestive system, improves brain function and moisturises the skin.
  • Açai: rejuvenating properties, purifying, strengthens the immune system, fights cholesterol.
  • Turmeric: prevents cardiovascular diseases, antioxidant effect, useful for joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis, purifies the liver and increases bile production.
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All the cosmetic products that you have right now in the bathroom have a basic and very important component in common: water.

In every cosmetic manufacturing process, water intervenes, if it is not treated properly it can harm the final result since it contains chlorine, ions, particles, etc. That can be harmful to the skin.

This factor must be present in all cosmetic brands, to obtain an optimal result and not be harmful to customers.

Agua cosmética

In our cosmetic laboratories we have a high quality water network located in Palau de Plegamans, once collected we apply two purification systems:

  1. Reverse osmosis system: it consists of putting two fluids in contact with different concentrations of dissolved solids and being forced to pass through a semi-permeable membrane through high pressures, it allows us to separate the water from the vast majority of compounds present in the water. In the net.
  2. Ion exchange resin system: Ion exchange resins are made up of a polymeric matrix. When the osmotized water passes through the resin, it takes the ions present in the water (sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, heavy metals, etc.) and yields an equivalent amount in terms of proton and hydroxyl charge. After this second process, we guarantee totally pure water, ideal for starting the cosmetic manufacturing

Purified water is essential in the cosmetic sector and at MS Laboratories it is guaranteed throughout the process thanks to our circulating ring system that allows us to distribute said water, ensuring maximum purity.

The benefits of purified water in cosmetics are:

  • Cleaner and purer cosmetic products to apply to the skin.
  • Elimination of skin reactions such as itching or dryness.
  • Improved absorption.
  • Tones
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A new term is born for the personal care sector, “Neurocosmetics” and at MS Laboratorios we want to communicate to you all the secrets that comprise this new branch.

The skin is an organ that receives sensations through external stimuli from the environment as a membrane, once it receives the information, it passes it to the brain so that it interprets it and gives a response, this connection, for example, happens when we are cold , heat, we sweat, we blush, etc.

This connection is not one-way. It is the same when sometimes listening to a song that reminds us of something beautiful causes what we know as “goose bumps”.


It is a branch of cosmetics that tries to eliminate the negative effects that our brain causes on our skin, whether due to stress, fatigue, lack of nutrients, general discomfort, etc.

Our skin is a reflection of our state of mind, that is why neurocosmetics not only deals with personal care products, but also tries to help improve our mood, promoting the feeling of well-being and comfort in our brain.



Try to produce new sensory experiences with smells, textures, colors, sensations of heat or cold, etc. In such a way that they end up affecting all our senses with a positive connotation, providing a feeling of well-being and pleasure.

Formerly this skin-brain causality was not known and in the face of problems such as dryness or itching, the solution was products that tried to keep the skin hydrated without attacking the main problem.

Thanks to the advancement of science, we have been able to discover that by attacking the neurosensory system, a large part of these problems end up disappearing.

The effects always go beyond what a conventional cosmetic offers.

The real benefit of this type of product lies in its concentration, with intelligent active principles that produce relaxation and well-being, reducing physical stress situations and thus favoring antioxidant, anti-aging, stimulatory powers, etc.

At MS Laboratorios we continue to bet on scientific advances by creating cosmetic products to inhibit or increase the release of skin neuro-mediators, causing a sensation of pleasure and well-being.

We take care of creating fully customized third-party cosmetics.

If you are interested in creating your own cosmetic brand, do not hesitate to contact us.


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