CDB for haircare

CDB has been in 2019 the trending ingredient in skincare formulations, but CBD has a host of benefits for the hair care as well. CDB is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, so that CBD Oil nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair, thereby encouraging hair growth. Also inside CBD Oil are omega-3, omega-6 and the omega-9 acids, which according to experts help improve the quality of the scalp tissue.

When hemp oil is infused into shampoothe naturally balancing properties of CBD can address problems like damaged hair and dry scalp. These products can be used throughout the week for healthier hair and scalp and protection against damage caused by free radicals, environmental exposure, and aging.

The main benefits of CDB for haircare are:
1. Nourishes and moisturizes hair
2. Help hair growth
3. Strengthens hair