Cosmetics OEM Europe

In MS|Lab we develop and manufacture cosmetics with all the EU guarantee. Quality is our main goal. All our cleanrooms comply with ISO 8 and our company has recently been certified by ISO 22716: 2008 that guarantees and ensures the highest quality of our manufacturing processes and our cosmetics.  We implement quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, from acquiring ingredients through production, to product distribution. The final product quality is tested in our own laboratories. EU and FDA regulatory compliance is asusred by our regulatory dept. and in-house Safety Assessor.

6 reason to choose MS|Lab:

  1. Global service: all we need is your concept or just select any part of the process, where you need external expertise!
  2. Rapid product development and also thousands of pre-made recipes allow us to get from concept to final product in minimum time. Our original, innovative formulas are based on the highest-quality ingredients from reliable providers.
  3. Flexivility: we manufacture products from all categories of cosmetics (hair care products, skin care, tatoos products, etc.), non-standard products are very welcome!
  4. Quality & regulatory assurance: in-house regulatory affairs dept. and Safety Assessor prevent risks of frequent law changes. We manufacture with all the EU guarantee!
  5. Experience: 14 years of experience in 20+ countries. Our clients include corporations, pharma, retail chains professional products, SMEs & start-up, between others.
  6. Continuity of supply: our manufacturing plant and our huge warehousing facilities. Modern machinery supplied by leading European companies. Excellent location in Europe, close to the crossroads of major European logistic routes.