Cosmetics in Pharmacy

Without being a medicine, pharmacy cosmetics, impregnate with prestige to any cosmetic products. It is increasingly common to find multiple cosmetic products in pharmacies that serve to improve and beautify skin and hair.  Although the history of pharmacy cosmetics is relative recent, there is a trend in consumer trusting in a product that you can buy in a pharmacy, recommended by a professional who knows its assets.

Although it is true that the cosmetic market has fluctuated in recent years, the pharmacy channel remains almost unchanged. The pharmaceutical advice, the quality of the exhibition and the promotional dynamism are the strengths and those that must be further promoted. Among the cosmetics for sale in pharmacy, we can highlight:
– Anti-aging / anti-wrinkle.
– Moisturizing / nourishing.
– Acne / atopic skin.
– Depigmentation.
– Eye contour.
– Facial Cleansing.
– Beauty products for men.
– Anti-fall lotions