The area around the eyes is one of the most delicate places for our skin and where the first signs of age usually appear: wrinkles, spots, dark circles, etc. For this reason, cosmetic laboratories strive to create products specifically adapted to this area, in this way the treatment will be appropriate and we will obtain a greater benefit.

We are talking about an area that is subjected to a lot of activity as a result of the expression signs that we exert during the day and also to the blinking.

Only with our eyes are we capable of transmitting the emotional states that we experience at the moment, as well as reflecting the state of our skin and the lifestyle we maintain. They communicate more than they appear at first.

With the entry into force of the mandatory use of the mask, the expression of our eyes has received a greater prominence than it already enjoyed; If we meet someone you know on the street, at the time of communicating, the vast majority of the attention of non-verbal communication will fall on the eye area, since the mouth area is covered by the mask.


The care in the contour of the eyes acquires great relevance as a result of the reasons mentioned above, in addition, with the passage of time the lines of expression are accentuated.

At MS Private Label, oem cosmetic manufacturer , we are specialized in formulating cosmetic products for eye contour care, adapting to customer needs, making unique and personalized formulas.

If you want to make your own brand of cosmetics, contact us by email: or by calling 93 864 06 13. Orders over 1,000 units.

These are some of the products we recommend using for your eye care routine:

  • Cleanser (make-up remover):

Eye makeup remover should remove makeup and impurities without greasy effect, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. In addition, it can contain active ingredients that strengthen and enhance the growth of eyelashes, soothing active ingredients for sensitive skin that provide freshness to the eye contour and anti-wrinkle active ingredients.

  • Decongestant gel:

To mitigate the signs of fatigue, with active ingredients that drain and decongest, improve microcirculation and reduce bags and dark circles.

  • Eye contour:

Containing active ingredients with anti-wrinkle properties, provide an immediate tightening effect to reduce fine lines and prevent premature aging of the eye contour.

These are some of our tips when you want to create a brand of cosmetics and / or for the treatment of the eye contour.

  • Preferably use fragrance-free cosmetics
  • Wash makeup application tools frequently
  • Do not borrow cosmetics from other people
  • Avoid applying cosmetics too close to the eyes