Face serums for colder months

Serums are basically products composed of a high concentration of active ingredients, they can come in different forms ranging from liquid sprays and thick gels to pressed balms and rich oils. It is used for its great efficacy and amazing results, enhancing the overall effectiveness of any facial care routine. The main benefit of including a serum in your routine is that all its ingredients are focused on a single goal. In each period of the year our skin has specific needs, that’s why it is necessary to use different serums depending on the period.

In winter and autumn, the serum should protect us from the cold. There are numerous oils designed to protect skin from cold weather that absorb moisture and increase its radiance. For cold periods vitamin E, horse chestnut oil, pumpkin seed oil or macadamia nut oil are a very good options. At MS|Lab, we are constantly researching new oils and exploring their potential for serums in order to offer to our clients a different and innovative product.