Full service option

Our great differential value is that we can offer a comprehensive service based on the needs of our customers. Our team is composed of professionals with great experience in each area (formulation, packaging, design, legal advice, etc.)

Therefore, if our clients require it, we can offer a global service so that our client doesn’t have to worry about anything. We are specialists in cosmetics and we can take care of the whole process from scratch.

We provide:

o Ample experience
o Adaptation of products to market trends
o A design team that will take care of your brand
o A range of natural and vegan products
o Custom formulation
o Merging existing products
o Documentation to export
o Advertising material
o The possibility of developing a full service or only take care of those services that our client requires


– Packaging

We offer the possibility of choosing a wide variety of packaging. We will work together with our client in order to develop the brand our client wants, from logo and brand concept, to design and printing. Our deep knowledge of the market allows us to personally advise on each step.

We offer our customers an extensive catalog of packaging divided by family and category. But at the same time, we give the customer the option of providing their own packaging, without necessarily having to select it from us. It’s always the client who decides!

About packaging, we offer different options , from unit boxes to display boxes or treatment packs.

– Design & impression

We adapt to the proposals and sales objectives of our clients.

Whether you already have a brand created or not, we offer the possibility to develop the whole image according to the latest market inputs and our client’s target.

In addition, we coordinate and manage the files for printing together with our printing company, to offer the best quality and printing option.

We have a professional design team with extensive experience in cosmetics field to tailor each design while keeping the essence of our client. We print and label each product in an agile and professional way.

Together with the design team, we offer our high quality printing service for product labeling and presentation. We carry out works both in adhesive label and in direct screen printing.

We offer several options, as we can make stampings in metallic colors, silver and gold, UV reserves or prints with ultraviolet inks, to give the maximum level to our final design according to your objectives.

– Management (CPNP), exportations & legal advice

We offer the possibility of advising, and in many cases directly processing, all kinds of procedures for our clients in the event that they want to market their cosmetic products anywhere in the world, fully complying with the regulations set by the EU for selling this type of product in Europe.

– Quality & management

We create 100% safe cosmetics. We comply with the strictest regulations set by the European Union. We manufacture 100% in Spain.

We have the following certificates:

*** Cleanroom clasifications: ISO 8


Cosmetics laboratory MS Líneas

Rda.Boada Vell 7, nave 7

08184, Palau Solita i Plegamans (Barcelona)


+34 93 864 06 13

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