Hottest trends of 2020 in the cosmetic industry

December is a good month to start raising new products and working on some of changes, developments and discoveries that will soon become the hottest trends of 2020! According to worldwide market studies, the consumption of cosmetics will be determined in 2020 by the following 5 factors:

  1. The personal tailor-made beauty products: the beauty industry is evolving. Consumers today realize and develop a more defined sense of what beauty is and are letting go of stereotyped views. This opens a whole new world for manufacturers, developers and brand owners, which requires them to adjust and innovate. Todays beauty products are not only cleaner, healthier and more natural as 2019 demanded, but they are much more personalized.
  2. Technology is a must: technology keeps evolving, it is everywhere and everything, so no wonder beauty industry also finds creative ways to become more up to beat with new technological solutions. This year, we are not only talking about the formulation side, rather the end user side which is being upgraded!
  3. Environment protection: As our awareness races forward againt pollution, the need to protect and reverse the damage to our skin and hair is becoming extremely necessary and more effective.
  4. Care about what we use: people care about what they put on their skin and that’s why people seek out organic or natural products. This means they are coming back to oils to rinse and moisturize their skin and they are searching out lotions that originated from nature.
  5. CBD Oil is the king: extracted from the cannabis plant, this unique oil is gaining more and more popularity in the skin care industry for being nourishing and overall beneficial for skin texture and tone.