How to choose the packaging for your private label skin care product?

Talking about packaging, there is 5 points that play a unique role to influence the customers and convince them to buy the product: color, brand name, labeling, added value & print finished variants. There are surveys that show almost 60-70% of buying decisions are made by consumers inside the store. When a buyer goes to shop products for a definite purpose without deciding the brand choice, he shops on the basis of various factors and in this moment packaging plays a key role.

Some consumers opt for the regular brand, while some prefer doing extensive research before buying any new brand. On-spot decision making about choosing cosmetic products is usually influenced by packaging design of the product, brand knowledge & feedback stories. Packaging helps to differentiate and stand out from other  cometic brands when your brand is not as well known, that’s why it is important to think carefully about the packaging and the effect it can have in consumers.