A new term is born for the personal care sector, “Neurocosmetics” and at MS Laboratorios we want to communicate to you all the secrets that comprise this new branch.

The skin is an organ that receives sensations through external stimuli from the environment as a membrane, once it receives the information, it passes it to the brain so that it interprets it and gives a response, this connection, for example, happens when we are cold , heat, we sweat, we blush, etc.

This connection is not one-way. It is the same when sometimes listening to a song that reminds us of something beautiful causes what we know as “goose bumps”.


It is a branch of cosmetics that tries to eliminate the negative effects that our brain causes on our skin, whether due to stress, fatigue, lack of nutrients, general discomfort, etc.

Our skin is a reflection of our state of mind, that is why neurocosmetics not only deals with personal care products, but also tries to help improve our mood, promoting the feeling of well-being and comfort in our brain.



Try to produce new sensory experiences with smells, textures, colors, sensations of heat or cold, etc. In such a way that they end up affecting all our senses with a positive connotation, providing a feeling of well-being and pleasure.

Formerly this skin-brain causality was not known and in the face of problems such as dryness or itching, the solution was products that tried to keep the skin hydrated without attacking the main problem.

Thanks to the advancement of science, we have been able to discover that by attacking the neurosensory system, a large part of these problems end up disappearing.

The effects always go beyond what a conventional cosmetic offers.

The real benefit of this type of product lies in its concentration, with intelligent active principles that produce relaxation and well-being, reducing physical stress situations and thus favoring antioxidant, anti-aging, stimulatory powers, etc.

At MS Laboratorios we continue to bet on scientific advances by creating cosmetic products to inhibit or increase the release of skin neuro-mediators, causing a sensation of pleasure and well-being.

We take care of creating fully customized third-party cosmetics.

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