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All our products are manufactured within the European regulations of cosmetic products passing the relevant and mandatory tests. When creating a new product it is important to register it in the European Portal.
If it is a product that has already been created, the estimated time after confirming all the details is approximately 3/4 weeks.
If it is a new product, everything will depend on the studies to be carried out and theglobal service that is desired, but the average process takes about 2/3 months.
The products go through different tests such as the dermal test, formula stability, thermal stability or compatibility with the container. Each product is tested in our laboratory although it is important to add in the labeling that in case of irritation, it is necessary to stop its use and consult with the doctor, since there are people more sensitive than others.
We start to manufacture from 1,000 units, being from 5,000 units the optimal quantity/price ratio.
The normal process is 50% in advance and the other 50% before sending the products. Those customers who want a global service, would be 50% when the service is contracted and the other 50% at 30 days.
The technical documentation is delivered once we have the final version and with the order.
To be able to merge any product, we would need a small samples of the physical product and the INCI. It is very common that the ingredients that appear on the label do not agree 100% with reality, that is why it is important to have the physical sample.
When a new formula is developed, the client meets with our chemical department and details active ingredients, textures, odors, etc. Our technical team will develop a first version based on these details, which can subsequently be improved or varied.
We adapt to our client's needs, providing a wide range of possibilities in terms of design. The standard packaging support is white folding cardboard and we adapt the grammage (the thickness) to the product. The standard support for labels is glossy white or glossy transparent polypropylene. But they can be made with different finishes such as stampings, serigraphs or metallic finishes. In addition we can also use any color of ink, both colors produced in four-color or specific pantones.
From the moment an order is activated, our design department contacts the client to know all the details about the project. From that first meeting, 2 proposals are presented to the client and he may request 3 additional modifications.
In MS | Lab we can only develop the design or either develop the whole product, it is the client who decides. If the client requires, we can take care of the labeling, printing, logos, etc. For this we have the printing techniques and the most advanced materials to achieve those finishes desired by our clients.
At MS|Lab we have a design team with extensive experience in the cosmetic sector. But if our client already has the design created or has his own design team or prefers to do it with an agency, there would be no problem, our design team will contact you to explain specifications for the files.

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