Products and treatments for spas & beauty centers

At MS|LAB, we have developed a wide variety of products for beauty centers and spas. We offer our clients a high quality, expertise and customer service to develop all kind of beaty products.  We know how extremely vital it is to have quality products in order to have a great continues business and satisfied customers all the time.

So that, we can develop any formula, from scratch or from merged, and from any kind of ingredients (plant extracts, vitamins…) in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Among the wide variety of spas & beauty clinics’ products, we can highlight:

  • Any kind of massage creams and oils
  • Skincare products & treatments
  • Body care products & treatments
  • Hair care products and treatments
  • Vitamins
  • Exfolianting scrub products
  • Lotions
  • Pre & post treatmens creams or gels