Seasonal sales

Over the course of a year, consumers have to deal with the highs and lows of the diferent seasons. in the cosmetic industry, as many others, understanding the seasonal sales is crucial. As a business owner looking to connect with your key demographic of buyers, it is extremely important to plan your monthly budgets, create reasonable (and measurable) goals, and anticipate consumer needs.

Apart from the peak of seasonal sales such as Christmas or Black Friday, throughout the year there are products that determine sales in specific periods of the year. Incorporating these types of products into your own cosmetic brand helps to balance the whole year’s sales. The fact of having, for example, an anti loss hair shampoo or a growht shampoo can help the balance in changing periods, as they are demanding product in those periods.

The ingredients to develop this type of hair products are varied, but with an effective formula you can grow sales and, with it, capture customer loyalty in order to make them to re-trust your brand season after season. At MS|Lab we are are experts in haircare cosmetic formulations and we offer you innovative formulation solutions for all kind of  cosmetic market trends.