Would you like to create an effective anti-cellulite cream under your own brand?

Do you want to develop your own anti-cellulite cream? In this article you will understand which are the best ingredients that anti-cellulite products should have.

How to eliminate cellulite with anti-cellulite creams?

To remove cellulite through cosmetic products may seem somewhat difficult. However, you can reduce the symptoms and camouflage them.

Proper nutrition and healthy habits will help reduce the effects of cellulite. However, other factors such as tight clothing for a long time and genetics are the cause of this cellulite.

So, we must reinforce with an effective anti-cellulite cream in our lives to reduce these adverse effects of cellulite.

What side effects occur?

The skin has an inflamed appearance, with visible dimpling. These are usually somewhat annoying for the person who suffers from it.

Therefore, anti-cellulite products must be made of high-quality ingredients. These must be suitable for each type of skin and contain active ingredients that adapt to the situations.

Active ingredients for an anti-cellulite cream

In this list, prepared by our technical R&D department, we will find the necessary ingredients to create an anti-cellulite cream.

Asiatic spark

Facilitates the elimination of accumulated fat by activating the blood circulation of the skin. In this way, the skin is oxygenated, toxins are eliminated more easily and cellulite improves. On the other hand, it promotes tissue regeneration and stimulates the activation of fibroblasts, responsible for collagen production, thus improving skin elasticity.

Bladder wrack

Seaweed very rich in organic iodine and trace elements. It has decongestant and anti-edema action: it stimulates circulation, mobilizes and drains the fluid retained in the connective tissue and eliminates toxins, thus improving cellulite. In addition, it triggers lipolysis in adipocytes, facilitating the diffusion of fats.


Caffeine activates lipolysis and regulates fat storage in adipocytes, helps drain fluid retention and prevents the formation of more lipids in adipose tissues.

Horse tail

It is rich in silicon that regulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and facilitates the interaction of these fibers with glycosaminoglycans. In this way, the extracellular matrix is restructured, flaccidity is improved and the skin surface is reaffirmed.


It exerts a lipolytic effect in the deepest layers of the skin, regulating the accumulation of fat. On the other hand, it activates circulation thanks to the flavonoids it contains, which reduce the permeability of the veins and increase their resistance. In addition, the seeds are rich in caffeine that penetrates the skin, improving the transport of fat deposits, thus reducing the formation of cellulite.

Ginkgo Biloba

It has anti-cellulite properties as it promotes skin microcirculation and stimulates lipolysis in adipose tissue, while stimulating skin regeneration as it stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts.

Geranium Essential Oil

Used for its purifying, refreshing and astringent action. In addition, it regulates the levels of subcutaneous fat.


It is an essential factor in the metabolism of fats: it improves the transport of fatty chains from triglycerides to facilitate their degradation.


It is rich in Saponins that help prevent venous insufficiency, which favors vascular and lymphatic irrigation and drainage.

horse chestnut

Horse chestnut seeds have anti-inflammatory and venotonic properties that reduce the permeability of the vessels and exert an important anti-edematous action, eliminating fluid retention and activating blood circulation.

butcher’s broom

An active principle is concentrated in its root, ruscogenin, which has a venotonic action, activates microcirculation and facilitates lymphatic and circulatory drainage.

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