Our Cosmetic Laboratory

More than 30 years of experience in OEM cosmetics market

Transform your ideas into reality

At MS LAB you will have personalized advice throughout the process, choice of formula, legislative procedure, packaging design and labeling.

Barcelona (SPAIN)

We have more than 3,600 m² dedicated to the manufacture of cosmetic products.

MS Private Label

Professional high-end cosmetics

Our mission as a laboratory is based on the creation and development of new high-quality formulas that guarantee the quality and success of each one of them to make the best and luxury private label cosmetics.

Through advanced technologies of the latest generation and certified for the creation of cosmetics for third parties, we are committed to obtaining professional products for facial, body and hair care (facial creams, facial serums, eye and eyelash care, firming creams , shampoos or conditioners).

We make each product in a unique way through cosmetic research and innovation.

Our plant


– 2 wall agitators

– Semi-automatic packaging system

– Hot product packaging machine

– Manufacturing reactor that allows it to be cooled without the need to use mains water, something that makes our manufacturing process highly sustainable.

Clean Rooms ISO 8

Rooms certified with ISO 22716: 2008 that guarantees and ensures the highest quality of our manufacturing processes and our cosmetics.

Much more effective service for our customers.

We have exponentially reduced the manufacturing and packaging service time, as well as increased our production capacity by more than 60% per shift compared to 2019.

Purified water plant

The base of all cosmetics is water and the quality of the final product depends to a great extent on it. At MS LAB we are fortunate to have water that is already of great quality, which is the water from our area, Palau i Plegamans (Barcelona). We apply a purification process to this water consisting of two systems: a physical one called reverse osmosis and a chemical one called ion exchange resin. This double process allows us to separate the water from all those undesirable particles in the manufacturing process of a cosmetic, resulting in a totally pure water that facilitates the exhaustive control of each of the raw materials that we use throughout the manufacturing process. The fact of being able to count on a purity of this caliber in our manufacturing process is decisive in order to offer our clients the highest quality in all the cosmetics we develop. If there is one thing we are proud at MS | Lab, it is the quality of our materials. raw materials and our manufacturing process, something that translates into the very high quality of all the cosmetics that leave our facilities.

Our purification plant is composed of two purification systems:

  1. Reverse osmosis system: it is the first purification process that we carry out to the water and it consists in the search for the imbalance, hence its name. By contacting two fluids with different concentrations of dissolved solids and being forced to pass through high pressures through a semi-permeable membrane, it allows us to separate the water from the vast majority of compounds present in mains water, carrying out our first purification process. The purity of the water after this process is high, but we still carry out a second process, as our quality standards go further.
  2. Ion exchange resin system: Ion exchange resins are made up of a polymeric matrix. When the osmotized water passes through the resin, it takes the ions present in the water (sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, heavy metals, etc.) and yields an equivalent amount in terms of proton and hydroxyl charge. After this second process, we guarantee a totally pure water, ideal to start the cosmetic manufacturing process.

But the water purification process is just as important as the circuits that allow it to maintain this purity throughout the entire manufacturing process. For this reason, our purification plant consists of a circulation ring that allows us to distribute the purified water and guarantee its purity throughout the process. Inside this ring we have also incorporated a UV lamp in order to eliminate any type of undesirable organisms, avoiding microbiological contamination at all times and guaranteeing the maximum purity of this essential raw material in all cosmetics.

MS el agua en la fabricación de productos cosméticos