Private label cosmetic manufacturers

At MS LAB we are cosmetic manufacturers specialized in the creation and formulation of products for private brands and private labels. We work in a unique way for each of our clients, creating new cosmetic products for skin and hair care.

We believe in innovation and seek excellence in the development of cosmetics for third parties through the investigation of ingredients and new trends for responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the beauty sector, we can offer a comprehensive service to manufacture high-quality professional cosmetics.

Our great value is the quality of personalized services adapted to each need for the manufacture of cosmetic products for third parties.

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MS fabricantes de cosmética a tereros España

Why choose us?

Personalized Cosmetic Benefits

Specialists I+D

We create unique cosmetic products for you using innovative active ingredients

Increase your billing

Get big profit margins for your brand tailored to your market and product

Centralize your suppliers

Optimize the product creation and manufacturing process with our “All in 1” service

Manufacture of cosmetics in 90 days (finished product)

Start now to create your own cosmetic products

Manufactures to third parties from 1,000 units.

Private label manufacturers

We simplify all cosmetic product manufacturing processes in simple steps that help streamline each of the phases, achieving maximum efficiency in each of them. We create in a unique and exclusive way each formula adapted to the client’s needs.

Our work system is highly optimized and structured to allow us a very agile production rhythm.

Cosmetics we manufacture

Private label hair cosmetics

Professional haircare products

Now you can create your own fully personalized hair care products with the highest quality ingredients and exclusive formulas that will allow you to launch new products on the market with your brand.

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MS Cosmetics manufacturers

Hair cosmetics

Private label facial cosmetics

Professional skincare products

Choose the perfect formula and texture for your skin care creams, oils or serums. We can customize all aspects of the product to achieve the best results. We are experts in anti-aging products through technological efficiency and the purity of natural ingredients.

Add a new product to your facial care line

MS Cosmetics manufacturers

Facial cosmetics

Private label body cosmetics

Professional bodycare products

Get the body care product you need through third-party manufacturing and boost your private beauty brand. Include in your service new cosmetic products that allow you to grow and be innovative.

Add a new product to your body care line

MS Cosmetics manufacturers

Body cosmetics

Private label natural cosmetics

Natural products for skincare and haircare

The manufacture of natural cosmetics to measure transforms the image and intensifies the values of responsibility and environmental awareness of cosmetic brands. We create natural formulas for all types of cosmetic products (hair, facial and body) with ingredients of natural origin and proximity, guaranteeing their effectiveness and knowing their origin.

Add a natural product to your cosmetic brand

MS Cosmetics manufacturers

Natural cosmetics

Private label Perfumes

Aromatic perfumery for the skincare

Manufacture of essential fragrances for the skin and body. Our goal is to help you develop the key processes that are hidden in each perfume, to achieve the main essence that defines a perfume as unique and identifying.

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MS Cosmetics manufacturers


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