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Anti Cellulite Cream

Would you like to create an effective anti-cellulite cream under your own brand? Do you want to develop your own anti-cellulite cream? In this article you will understand which are the best ingredients that anti-cellulite products should have. How to eliminate cellulite with anti-cellulite creams? To remove cellulite through cosmetic products may seem somewhat difficult. However, you can reduce the [...]


Hyaluronic acid and the Vegan alternative

An ingredient that is known in the world of cosmetics today is hyaluronic acid. Surely more than once you have heard about its benefits. And it's no surprise to consider that it's one of the main factors responsible for keeping our skin looking young. However, did you know that we have vegan alternatives to make our cosmetics? Here we explain [...]


Upcycling: the new cosmetic trend of 2022

Natural products in the beauty industry are having more and more impact on our lives. Because of this, a solution (Upcycling) has been found for those food wastes to give them a new life. To all this, it is considered that each year 14% of all the food in the world is wasted and that they are equivalent to 1,300 [...]


Personalization vs Customization

In general, people tend to consider that personalization and customization are the same, but this is not the case, in this post we will explain what the differences are between the two. In order to understand what aspects separate them, you must first know what unites them. The economic market is constantly evolving, adapting to new technologies, needs, trends, etc. [...]


Peptides in cosmetics

Surely many of you wonder what peptides are and how important they are within the cosmetics sector, and the truth is that they have received great relevance in recent years where cosmetic laboratories have begun to grant them more research time to develop them in their product ranges. Let's see, point by point, everything that peptides give us and the [...]


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