Private brand cosmetics, personalized and exclusive beauty products

Currently, cosmetics are increasingly being consumed where their quality and the results they offer are highly valued. That’s why the beauty industry is constantly seeking the best formulas and the most effective products for consumers, and private label cosmetics are making their way in the beauty sector.

This type of cosmetics allows you to create personalized and high-quality beauty products. To gain a deeper understanding of this sector, don’t miss this article where we explain what private label cosmetic products are and introduce you to the best suppliers.

Private label cosmetic products: what are they? 

These types of products are usually manufactured by specialized companies and then labeled by the same brands that market them, often a retail company. One of the main differences compared to traditional cosmetics is the higher production cost of the former. 

What are the advantages of private label cosmetics?

The advantages of private label cosmetics are quite noticeable: 

  • Retailers and entrepreneurs can customize their beauty products to fit the needs of the market.
  • They are products that represent excellent value for money. Being able to customize the formulas greatly enhances the value of their results. 
  • These cosmetics allow for different price ranges, from luxury lines to more affordable options, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.

Private label cosmetics have more advantages because, being totally to the customer’s liking, they can better focus on a specific sector and offer an improved service and product. Products from large-scale productions tend to be more generalized and of lower quality. It is true that lower quantity productions have a higher cost, but it is worth the initial investment. And once quantities are increased, the price adjusts to market competition.

Main differences between private label and own label laboratories

It is very important to know the main differences between laboratories that manufacture private brands and those that manufacture own labels. 

Private label cosmetics laboratories are responsible for manufacturing customized products, where it is the customer who creates the formula and other aspects of the future product. This process is developed together with the laboratory’s team of specialists. 

These manufacturers offer a high degree of product customization, whereas own label laboratories provide pre-developed, “one-size-fits-all” formulas with very limited customization. At MS Laboratory we aim to offer the best quality and services to our customers, which is why we manufacture premium category private label products. 

Manufacturers of private label cosmetics: the key piece in the production process

Private label cosmetics manufacturers play a very important role in the beauty and personal care industry. These companies specialize in formulating and manufacturing high-end products, making it possible for retailers to create their own brands to meet market needs.

It should be noted that these types of manufacturers work daily with their customers to develop better formulas. This production process ranges from the selection of ingredients to the performance of tests that guarantee the safety and quality of the products.

Conditions that a manufacturer of private label cosmetics must meet

When starting our own cosmetics brand, first and foremost, we need to define what our brand will be like, conduct market research, and select our distribution channels. In addition to these steps, we must also seek the cosmetics manufacturer that best aligns with our company. Because they have to represent the philosophy and personality of our brand, as well as being faithful to a series of values.

To do this, we recommend investigating the different manufacturers that interest you, as well as learning about their reputation and checking their satisfaction history. You can use the following pointers to decide which cosmetic manufacturer will make your products

Use quality raw materials.  For your cosmetics to be perceived as quality products and stand out, you must use raw materials with excellent ingredients. You can research the components of your competitors’ products and make cosmetics that exceed consumer expectations. Do their products use materials made at home or abroad? What are the sources of the ingredients: natural, organic, vegan or Fair Trade certified? 

If you adapt to the preferences and requirements of your consumers, you are sure to attract their attention, and consequently, increase your sales. 

Possess specialty certificates. In the event that your product has a certification, it complies with a series of rules and standards that conform to principles and values. This certification gives your cosmetic credibility with consumers, because it has been accredited by a competent body.

Comply with certification standards.  In many countries, a series of rules and laws must be followed so that cosmetics are considered suitable for consumption. Before starting out on the manufacturing process you should be informed and aware of the requirements your products must meet to be approved by law. 

However, manufacturers of private label cosmetics often inform and advise their customers on these types of legal issues. So, the best thing you can do is find a manufacturer to take care of this matter, so that you can relax and focus on other issues.

How to find the best manufacturer of private label cosmetics

Once you have defined what your company will be like and you know the requirements a supplier must meet, it’s time for you to take the next step: look for your private label cosmetics manufacturer. This process may be one of the most important because it will lead you to choose the manufacturer that will make your products – a decisive factor in defining their quality and value in the market.

It is crucial that the supplier you choose conforms to the requirements and conditions you request for your products. The manufacturer must work along the same lines as your company and reflect the brand values you want to project. 

Here are some recommendations to help you find a manufacturer that suits your cosmetics company:

Search the internet.  Although this step may seem very obvious, all you have to do is perform a brief Google search to find the best third-party cosmetic manufacturers. There is enough information online to give you an idea of what cosmetics production companies are like. 

As you come across the relevant information, you will realize who the leading manufacturers are, how they work and what their principles and values are. In addition, if you want to manufacture a specific product you can filter your search using the appropriate keywords, such as ‘vegan’ or ‘organic’. 

Find them through online reviews.  Once you’ve found a couple of cosmetic manufacturers that interest you, you can search for reviews and read the opinions posted by other customers. This way, you can find out more about the company and draw valuable conclusions, both positive and negative.

Basic principles to consider before creating your cosmetics brand

Founding a company is the dream of many individuals, and, while businesses can be established in various fields, the cosmetics industry is very appealing and in high demand. However, before embarking on this fast-paced adventure, it is advisable to get familiar with a series of steps in order to get off to a better start. 

Next, we will provide you with enough information so that you know how to start, what a private label cosmetics manufacturer must comply with, and how to find one. 

What to do before starting the process

Do your own research. Determine how you want your products to be, what your brand will represent, and identify the target audience you intend to cater to. You will need to establish a minimum investment budget, as creating a “low-cost” brand is not the same as creating a luxury or high-end one. 

Define your niche.  Once you determine your target audience it will be easier for you to find a cosmetics partner for your private label. You need to be clear about whether you are going to use natural or organic cosmetics in order to be able to search for manufacturers that fit your preferences. 

Create your own brand. Choosing your target audience and developing your brand are complementary actions. Some cosmetic manufacturers will offer to help you develop this, so if you feel you need assistance in defining it, you can choose to rely on manufacturers that offer this service. 

Select your sales platform. Currently, selling online may seem like the most profitable business, however, there are those who still prefer to operate through physical stores. If you have a store located in a commercial area, you can choose this as your point of sale, or you can also choose to sell online. The creation of an e-commerce is always an option, and there are many platforms that offer you this possibility, such as Shopify or Squarespace.

Learn how to sell your products.  One of the keys to determining the success of your brand will be the way in which you market and sell your products, in addition to the brand image you convey to your consumers. You can use social networks as a communication channel to better reach users, and consequently, boost the sales of your products. 

The type of content you upload will be essential when it comes to connecting with your followers, so ensure you curate the aesthetics and messages of your posts, because this will cause your sales to increase or decrease. We also recommend using influencer marketing, because content created by other people has a better impact on users.

The importance of the private label cosmetics supplier

Private label products allow us to enter the world of beauty in a unique and very special way. This type of cosmetics can be customized and adapted to the preferences of each audience, making them highly desirable among consumers. 

Manufacturers of private label cosmetics are key when it comes to defining the quality of our products, because their quality and subsequent results will depend on their production methods and processes. In the event that these are positive, consumers will choose our cosmetics and our brand will grow favorably. 

At MS Laboratory, we develop and produce private label cosmetics, offering the best quality and design in each of our products. The main advantage of manufacturing under a private label is that the customer can fully customize their product and the final result will be based on their preferences and objectives. Trust in the work of our specialists and let us advise and guide you throughout the production process.